DRM-600 CELL-VU® Sperm Counting Chamber

Cell-VU slide w/ Grid on Coverslip /   DRM-600

Cell-VU slide w/ Grid on Coverslip / DRM-600

  • For sperm counts in undiluted specimens.
  • Specially-designed glass slide and coverslip with the counting grid laser-etched into its surface.
  • Disposal chamber eliminates cleaning and minimizes clinician exposure to body fluids.
  • Both the slide and coverslip are marked to ensure correct use.
  • The coverslip’s 1 x 1 mm grid is divided into 100, 0.1 mm areas for use without special adapters or reticles.
  • Two chambers (for dual determinations) per slide
  • 20 µm depth, optimal for analysis of sperm movement and counts.

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25 slides, 50 coverslips per box




  • DRM-600                  Cell-VU w/Grid on Coverslip                   25 slides, 50 coverslips per box
  • DRM-600S                Cell-VU Slides, no coverslip                    60/bx
  • DRM-600c                Cell-VU Non Gridded Coverslip              120/bx
  • DRM-600cg              Cell-VU Coverslip with Grid                    120/bx