Makler® Counting Chamber Kit

Makler Counting Chamber /   s-363

Makler Counting Chamber / s-363

  • For sperm counts using undiluted samples
  • Delivers fast results measuring concentration in millions/mL w/o additional calculations
  • Depth of 10u allows the applied sample to be observed in one focal plane
  • Grid is built into the coverslip for ease of use
  • Economical due to re-usability
  • Easy to clean with a non-bleach disinfectant solution
  • Checked individually by laser for precision and accuracy

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  • s-363                     Makler Counting Chamber w/ Grid                ea
  • s-363-cw               Makler Cover Glass w/ Grid                            ea
  • s-363-n/grid          Makler Counting Chamber w/o Grid              ea
  • s-363-cn                Makler Coverglass w/o Grid                            ea