Motility / Morphology Staining

SpermBlue Staining

SpermBlue Staining /   SCA-SB-250

SpermBlue Staining / SCA-SB-250

  • Developed to stain all the components of the sperm (acrosome, head, midpiece and main piece of tail) differentially in different intensities of blue 
  • SpermBlue can be used for all species.
  • New improved formula, extremely simple, only involves one step, as fixation and staining are done at the same time
  • It works equally well for smears of “raw” semen as well as swim-up/Percoll/Pure Sperm gradient preparations using most culture media

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Quick III Stain

Quick III Stain Set /  ast5316

Quick III Stain Set / ast5316

  • Economical three step rapid morphology (hematology) using aqueous staining reagents
  • Variety of packaging configurations will suit the needs of even the largest laboratory performing manual differentials
  • Results in 30 seconds
  • Differentiates immature sperm and white blood cells
  • "Strict" sperm morphology
  • Excellent resolution of head, neck, and tailpiece
  • Long term archiving capabilities

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FluoCount Florescent Staining /    SCA-FLUO-C

FluoCount Florescent Staining / SCA-FLUO-C

FluoCount Florescent Staining

  • Differentiates sperms from extender debris during the automatic analysis due to its affinity to the nucleic acid
  • Composed by a fluorescent dye and may be used in fluorescence microscopy
  • For the evaluation of sperm concentration and motility from fresh or unthawed semen samples
  • Intended for standard semen analysis in routine assessment

Protocol for Human


FluoCount for Bull

Protocol for Bull

Prestained Morphology Slides

CellVU® Prestained Morphology Slides

  • Ready to use microscope slide coated with a combination of methylene blue and cresyl violet stains
  • Samples are applied directly to the slide and a coverslip is placed over the sample
  • One step process limits exposure to reagents and potentially harmful stains
  • Each slide contains a dried layer of stain that allows for rapid visualization and differential cell assessment from whole blood and body fluids such as CSF, and urine samples
  • Can also be used for WHO and Kruger strict morphology sperm assessment from undiluted semen

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CellVU Prestained Slides /  DRM-900

CellVU Prestained Slides / DRM-900


Sperm Blue Prestain Slides

Sperm Blue Prestain Slides /  GC-SB-50

Sperm Blue Prestain Slides / GC-SB-50

  • Ready to use conventional microscope slides and isosmotic SpermBlue stain for morphology assessment 
  • Designed for use with automated system like SCA® or manually
  • Each slide enables the assessment of 2 sperm samples
  • Can also be used for WHO and Kruger strict morphology sperm assessment from undiluted semen

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Testsimplets /  tsp est50

Testsimplets / tsp est50

  • Prestained, ready-to-use slides for examining cell morphology
  • Stain is a combination of methylene blue-N and cresyl violet acetate.
  • Ideal for determining:
    • Spermatozoal staining
    • Differential leukocyte counts without a blood smear
    • Urinary cytology
    • Cancer cytology
    • Cerebrospinal fluid cytology

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Motility / Morphology Staining

  • SCA-SB-250                   SpermBlue Staining                       kit
  • SCA-FLUO-C                  FluoCount Florescent Staining     kit    
  • SCA-FLUO-C-BULL        FluoCount for Bull                          kit

Prestained Morphology Slides

  • DRM-900           CellVU Prestained Slides             75/bx
  • GC-SB-50          Sperm Blue Prestain Slides          25/bx
  • tsp_est50          Testsimplets                                   50/bx

Stains, Coplin Jars

  • ast3336              Ethanol Solution, 100%                    gal
  • ast3349-04         Acrylic Mounting Medium               4 oz
  • ast5303              Quick III Stat-Pak                             3x90ml
  • ast5316               Quick III Stain Set                            3x16ml
  • ast5317               Quick III Fixative                              16oz
  • ast5318               Quick III, Stain I                                16oz
  • ast5319               Quick III, Stain II                               16oz
  • ast5328              Quick III Fixative                              gal
  • ast5329              Quick III Stain I                                 gal
  • ast5330              Quick III Stain II                                gal
  • AST5542            Phosphate Buffer Solution              16oz
  • AST5547            Phosphate Buffer Solution              32oz
  • AST5548            Phosphate Buffer Solution              gal
  • AST5580            Wright Stain Solution                       32oz
  • AST5581             Wright Stain Solution                       16oz
  • AST5586            Wright Stain Solution                       gal
  • AST5592            Eosin Nigrosin Semen Stain            ea
  • ast-SO                 Viability Stain                                   32oz
  • ast-sp851-25       Neat Stain, Hematology                  kit
  • BW-SD-05           Coplin Jar, Glass w/ Lid                   ea
  • CAsd-05              Coplin Staining Jar                          ea