SCA® Production

CASA system for animal semen production centers that automatically provides the number of optimal doses that can be obtained

  • Suitable for:
    • AI Stations
    • Animal breeders
    • Extender manufacturing companies
    • Any center producing semen doses or straws, requiring rapid analysis
  • Motility & concentration, as well as proximal, distal droplets and coiled tails can be rapidly and automatically analyzed

CASA System designed for boar, bull and horse:

  • Permits the accurate and automatic assessment of the concentration and motility
  • Morphology and acrosome can be manually analyzed,  selecting the abnormal spermatozoa
  • Provides automatic calculation of optimal number of semen doses
  • Additional SCA® Droplets module for automatic morphology analysis of the proximal, distal droplets and coiled tails
  • Includes a user-friendly animal database that permits the management of the results, identification data, history and statistics
  • Can be connected to a digital scale and bar code reader allowing a quicker data entry

  • SCA-VET-04                SCA® VET Production