SCA® Research

The most inclusive and flexible SCA®: a union of human, veterinary and toxicology editions

  • Unique multi species platform giving you seamless ability to change from species to species, under different optics including:
    • Positive phase
    • Negative phase
    • Fluorescence
    • Bright Field
  • Accommodates multiple chamber depth depending on species
  • Accommodates multiple staining options depending on species for:
    • Motility
    • Morphology
    • Vitality
    • DNA Fragmentation
    • Acrosome Integrity

*Please refer to Sperm Class Analyzer®, SCA® Veterinary and SCA® Toxicology tabs to see all that is included in the SCA® Research version

  • SCA-PACK- RT-01        SCA® Pack Research Edition: 1. SCA® Motility and Concentration + 2. SCA® Morphology + 3. SCA® Manual Counter