SCA® Veterinary

Analyzes all types of animal sperm:

  • Mammals
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians
  • Invertebrates

SCA® Motility and Concentration VET

  • Module for the automatic analysis of sperm motility and concentration in an animal semen sample
  • Suitable for: domestic animals, most of the vertebrates (mammals, avian, reptile, amphibian, fish) and invertebrates (e.g. mussels, oysters, sea urchins)
  • Detects the spermatozoa automatically.
  • Samples are analysed under negative phase contrast
  • Fluorescence capture recommended for samples containing egg yolk or milk based extenders

SCA® Morphology VET

  • Module for the automatic morphometry analysis and morphology classification of animal stained sperm samples observed in brightfield microscopy
  • Suitable for:  domestic animals and most of the vertebrates.
  • Detects and analyses the spermatozoa automatically.
  • Simultaneously evaluates the dimensions of the acrosome, head and midpiece in most animal species.
  • Spermatozoa are recorded as normal or abnormal, following established criteria: Standard, Adaptative or Customized

SCA® DNA Fragmentation VET

  • Module for the automatic counting of DNA fragmented and non fragmented spermatozoa, in animal samples treated with kits based on the Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD) as Halomax®
  • DNA fragmentation identifies a unique mark of apoptosis, and is usually associated with structural changes in cellular morphology
  • Spermatozoa are recognized and classified automatically into fragmented or non fragmented spermatozoa, following the established analysis criteria

SCA® Droplets

  • Module for the automatic analysis of the morphological proximal and distal droplets and coiled tails in animal samples, particularly boar semen samples, analyzed in negative phase contrast
  • Non independent module: can only be installed together with SCA® Motility and concentration (Vet or Research Editions) or SCA® Production
  • At the same time the motility and concentration is analysed, with this module the distal and proximal drops and coiled tails are
  • Rapid morphology assessment in non-stained samples

SCA® Vitality VET

  • Module that automatically provides the percentage of live and dead spermatozoa in an animal semen sample
  • Sperm Vitality is estimated by assessing the membrane integrity of the cells, and is fundamental for samples having less than 40% progressive motile spermatozoa
  • Percentage of the viable cells normally exceeds that of motile cells
  • Analysis is performed under fluorescence microscopy, in samples stained with FluoVit vital staining, that allows the differentiation between alive sperm (in blue), and the dead sperm (in red).
  • Spermatozoa are recognized and classified automatically

SCA® Acrosome integrity

  • Module designed to evaluate the acrosome integrity in boar semen samples
  • Quickly assess the integrity of the acrosome in samples displayed in phase contrast with the 40x objective
  • Detects and classifies them as acrosome intact or damaged depending on their morphology
  • Module adapted to the analysis of boar semen
  • This is an independent module that can be installed as part of  SCA® Production or SCA® Veterinary and Research editions.
  • Assessment of fixed boar semen samples visualized under phase contrast
  • The spermatozoa are automatically classified according to the condition of the acrosome in: intact or damaged acrosome

  • SCA-PACK- VET-01      SCA® Pack VET Edition: 1. SCA® Motility and Concentration + 2. SCA® Morphology + 3. SCA® Manual Counter