Sperm Class Analyzer® CASA System

More than just basic semen analysis:

  • SCA® CASA System allows for accurate, repetitive and automatic assessment of the following sperm parameters:
    • Motility and Concentration
    • Morphology
    • DNA Fragmentation
    • Vitality
    • Acrosome Reaction
  • Follows parameters of WHO laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human sperm
  • System constantly updated to include the ultimate state-of-the art technology and works with current Windows operating systems
  • SCA® accommodates several platforms of hardware and software, being able to suit distinct needs such as:
    • Fertility Clinics
    • Hospital Labs
    • Multi-site centers with central Laboratory and Satellites
    • Animal or Fish Research Centers
    • Production Centers
    • University Research Centers
  • Customized reports designed to your specifications that can include:
    • patient (animal) demographics
    • any required results
    • graphics
    • anlaysis images
    • letterhead
    • electronic signature

SCA® Human Catalog

Allows for the quantitative assessment of the following semen parameters:

  • SCA® Motility and Concentration module for the automatic analysis of sperm motility and concentration in a sample
  • Detects the spermatozoa automatically
  • Samples can be analyzed under:
    • positive phase contrast
    • negative phase contrast
    • fluorescence
  • Incorporates the innovation of an intelligent filter, is able to detect the tail of the spermatozoa, thus permitting the correct analysis of samples containing debris
  • SCA® Morphology is a module that permits the automatic morphometry analysis and morphology classification of human stained sperm samples observed in brightfield microscopy
  • Simultaneously evaluates the dimensions of the acrosome, head, midpiece, tail and the presence of vacuoles
  • Spermatozoa are recorded as normal or abnormal, following established criteria: W.H.O., Strict Kruger-Tygerberg, David modified, Adaptative or Customized
  • Assessment of all possible defects at the same time: TZI, SDI, MAI, ERC
  • Several staining are compatible: Sperm Stain, SpermBlue, Diff-Quik, Papanicoulau, Shorr or Goldcyto-SB prestained slides and SCA® contains the appropriate correction factors
  • SCA® Vitality is a module that automatically provides the percentage of live and dead spermatozoa in a human semen sample
  • Analysis is performed under fluorescence microscopy, in samples stained with FluoVit vital staining, that allows the differentiation between alive sperm (in blue), and the dead sperm (in red)
  • SCA® DNA Fragmentation is a module for the counting of DNA fragmented and non fragmented spermatozoa, in human samples treated with kits based on the Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD) as GoldCyto DNA
  • Spermatozoa are recognized and classified automatically into fragmented or non fragmented spermatozoa, following the established analysis criteria

sca_system_acrosome_reaction_logo copy.jpg
  • SCA® Acrosome reaction is a module that automatically provides the percentage of acrosome intact and acrosome reacted spermatozoa in a human semen sample
  • Automatically measures the percentage intact acrosomes in washed/diluted sperm samples.
  • Induce the acrosome reaction, such as Ca++ ionophore, by using a biological substitute
  • Analysis is performed under fluorescence microscopy, in samples stained with FluoAcro kit, that allows the differentiation between acrosome intact sperm (bright green) and acrosome reacted sperm (blue)

SCA® Editions

SCA® has multiple editions adapted to suit the various user´s needs:

  • Lite:  Basic version, suitable for routine human sperm analysis
  • Human:  The most integral application for human andrology labs
  • Veterinary:  Designed for users analyzing animal sperm (numerous species available)
  • Toxicology:  Adapted to analyze rat and/or mouse semen
  • Research:  The most complete and flexible SCA®, the union of human, veterinary and toxicology editions
  • Production:  Designed for production centers that automatically provides the number of optimal doses that can be obtained

SCA® Additional modules

Complimenting modules to enhance the SCA®:

  • SCA® dataShare:  Enables sharing data with any local database
  • SCA® Stage:  Controller for SCA® motorized stage
  • SCA® Sample management:  Provided with all analysis modules, allows the management of the data and results remotely
  • SCA® Manual counter:  Useful tool for manual counting of any cellular sample

SCA® Capture and Support

Unitary systems that allow viewing or capturing of SCA® files:

  • SCA® Capture:  Image capture software to use in connection with a main SCA® station
  • SCA® Viewer:  Free software that allows to display SCA® images and videos on any computer
  • SCA® Editor:  System that allows the opening of SCA® sessions, enabling to edit or re-analyze these images

  • SCA-PACK-H-02          SCA® Pack Human Edition: 1. SCA® Motility and Concentration + 2. SCA® Morphology + 3. SCA® Manual Counter